Time for a wedding!

I’m still relatively new to this whole photography thing and consider myself little more than an amateur but as this is a hobby of mine that I greatly enjoy, I thought I’d take my camera along to my senior photography shoot to see if I could pick up a few tips from the pros.
They were very enthusiastic about incorporating it into the shoot.

(By the way, follow your heart photography is wonderful. My sister used them for her wedding and I loved seeing them again for my senior photos. Highly recommend if you’re in Nevada)

This, when posted on my Facebook, garnered an interesting response. I got a lot of comments on how over the last few months, people have gotten used to seeing me with a camera but one stood out above the rest. A former teacher of mine is getting married soon and…she asked me to be the wedding photographer!

I prayed about it and gave it a lot of consideration but decided to accept her invitation.

This is my first time doing anything even remotely close to this level so I’m incredibly nervous but also very excited. I can tell already that I’ve grown as a photographer from the research and preparation I’ve put in so far and hopefully that will continue all the way though.

Wish me luck!
(If anyone has any pointers for me, please leave me a comment!)

Photography 101: The Fundamentals of Light

The Daily Post

We’ve talked about the philosophy of photography and offered a two-part overview of the craft, and now we’re ready to dig deeper. As Ming Thein discussed in his posts, light is crucial to this process. No light, no photograph.

Wenjie Zhang, the photographer at A Certain Slant of Light, is passionate about architecture, landscape, still life, and travel photography. Here in part one, Wenjie introduces exposure and three elements: shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Next week, he’ll wrap up our light lesson and discuss the quality and direction of light, and more. Much of what’s covered below applies to those of you with SLRs and dSLRs and cameras with manual modes, but we’ll sprinkle in tips for those with cameraphones and point-and-shoot cameras, too.

Introducing Light

At the heart of every photo is a story, and like ink and paper, many elements come together to tell that story. One…

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Companion (Weekly photo challenge)

Weekly photo challenge: companion


“Just the knowledge that a good book is awaiting one at the end of a long day makes the day happier.”
-Kathleen Norris

I find that few things are as consistently there for you whenever you need them to be as a book.  Friendships change and evolve and occasionally wither away but a well loved book is the most constant companion one could possibly ask for.  Even the best of friends can’t whisk you away to a new world the way a book can with a few flips of its pages.


This is my dad and my late friend, Snickers.  This was my baby’s first and last trip to the ocean.  A dear companion whom I miss dearly.

Curves (Weekly photo challenge)

Weekly photo challenge: Curves




1.) a ferris wheel at the local rodeo I attended this evening.  


2.) Apparently, I have a thing for broken down farm equipment.  I swear, every time I see some, I have to stop and photograph it.  I already have shots of three separate old wagons and now this.  I think it was once part of a harvester or maybe something that tills the soil.  Not really sure.  


3.) Yes, I know I posted a picture of the moon recently but hey, this one’s fuller and in daylight! 


There.  My contribution to the weekly photo challenge.  🙂  Have a good week!



Fleeting moments (weekly photo challenge)

Daily post weekly photo challenge: fleeting ImageI took this photo last evening and noted that the moon is a fairly constant entity in our lives: it helps light the night, it pulls our tides, and gives wolves something to howl at, yet it’s phases are so temporary.  From waxing to waning and moving all across the sky and around the earth, never the same sight twice.  Fleeting.

ImageI was at a graduation party last weekend (yet another symbol of how short life is and how quickly time passes us by) and there was this ADORABLE puppy.  Old english sheepdog named Lucy and the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet.  When I picked her up and brazenly walked up to my dad and said “I want her.  We’re taking her home with us,”  he countered with the classic “yeah she’s cute and little now but in three months, she’ll be too big for us to handle.” She’s 8 weeks old and is already an armful but she’s only going to get bigger and bigger.  Nothing stays the same for very long.  Fleeting.