Origins: Beautiful Epiphany

The Daily Post writing challenge today encouraged us to elaborate on the tile of our blog and why we chose that name. As part of my “Great Experiment,” I thought I’d take the opportunity to participate.
The title of my blog is “A Beautiful Epiphany.” There is no awe inspiring story unfortunately about the origin, but it has developed a bit of a significance for me.

First of all, I love the word epiphany. I like the way it sounds, I like the way it looks, and most of all, I l love what it means. Epiphany is that lightbulb moment where everything clicks into place…the moment where suddenly, everything makes sense. Beautiful Epiphany represents that moment.

There is a quote that I love and try to live by.
The act if writing is the act of discovering what you believe.” -David Hare

Writing has always been a way to clear my head and figure out what I think about something. Whether I have any idea about my opinion on a topic when I begin, by the end, I will know.

A Beautiful epiphany, to me, embodies the act of writing and through that, finding that inspirational moment of clarity.
There you have it, the origin of my blog title.


2 thoughts on “Origins: Beautiful Epiphany

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