Fleeting moments (weekly photo challenge)

Daily post weekly photo challenge: fleeting ImageI took this photo last evening and noted that the moon is a fairly constant entity in our lives: it helps light the night, it pulls our tides, and gives wolves something to howl at, yet it’s phases are so temporary.  From waxing to waning and moving all across the sky and around the earth, never the same sight twice.  Fleeting.

ImageI was at a graduation party last weekend (yet another symbol of how short life is and how quickly time passes us by) and there was this ADORABLE puppy.  Old english sheepdog named Lucy and the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet.  When I picked her up and brazenly walked up to my dad and said “I want her.  We’re taking her home with us,”  he countered with the classic “yeah she’s cute and little now but in three months, she’ll be too big for us to handle.” She’s 8 weeks old and is already an armful but she’s only going to get bigger and bigger.  Nothing stays the same for very long.  Fleeting.  



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